AMP Tile Viewer

AMP Tile Viewer 2.01

An image viewer that allows you to load in your images and create tile textures

There are many tile programs that enable you to make tiles from your images, but AMP Tile Viewer is different. Any image you load into the program is treated as a tile and simply by clicking the zoom control you are able to view your image as a mosaic created from multiple copies of the image that are seamlessly put together in rows, horizontally and vertically, like a group of tiles on a wall. The program itself is very small and is quick to download. The interface is just one window with a straightforward menu without complicated commands. The program supports all the most common image formats including Photoshop's .psd, .pdd and .psp, as well as Window's icons .ico, and others. You can control the amount of tiles in your mosaic by using the plus or minus keys on your keyboard number pad or by clicking the plus or minus zoom commands. Images can be dragged and dropped onto the program's window or pasted from the clipboard. In the menu bar of AMP Tile Viewer's interface, commands are provided for you to click on, to view a slide show of all the images in a folder, in mosaic style. Another command button allows you view your mosaic in full screen.

R. Fernandez
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  • Loads a whole file even if you select one image
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